Community projects and helping the community is fundamental to EcoVida Properties, its staff members and its owners.

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Main Project: Bejuco School
Thanks to the team effort of many guests, owners, friends and neighbours we have been able to collect supplies and donations for the Bejuco School since 2011. With the funds donated and funds from the owners of EcoVida Properties we have been able to organize repairs, improvements and buy much needed equipment and supplies.

Bejuco School

How can you help?
Bringing just one of the items on the "Items Needed" list below or donating even $10 can go a long ways in helping to improve this wonderful little school. Please contact us for more details or drop off your donations at the EcoVida Properties Office during your visit to Playa Bejuco. To see more photos of the Bejuco School please click HERE.


Items Needed:
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Paper (white printer paper and coloured paper)
  • Crayons, coloured pencils, coloured felt markersBejuco School Small9
  • Art supplies (stickers, glitter, felt, foam, paint, paintbrushes, etc...)
  • Notebooks (the type with lined paper where the pages cannot be ripped out)
  • Children's Books (Spanish or basic English)
  • First-aid Supplies
  • School Uniforms and Shoes (We can help connect you to a child in need of these items)
  • Gym Equipment (balls, skipping ropes, hula hoops, frisbees, soccer balls, etc...)
  • Toys (inside and outside toys)
  • Toothbrushes, floss and paste
  • Liquid hand soap, paper towel, toilet paper
  • Ask us about larger items (desks, chairs, playground, etc...)


2013-04-02Current Projects:
1) The back to school packages that were made and distributed in February were a big success. Currently we are collecting items for the "mid-year packages" that will be given to each student July 15th and will contain notebooks and school supplies.
2) We were able to replace 16 chairs and 16 desks so far and are looking for more donations to reach our goal of 24 sets.


Life Guards BejucoOther Projects:

  • Supporter of the Esterillos Oeste Recycling Depot (Contact Brigitte at 2778-8728 for more information)
  • Supporter of the Playa Bejuco Life Guard Program (Click HERE for more information)
  • Participate in beach clean-up days
  • Support local families in need


Special Thanks to:
  • Hotel Playa Bejuco for hosting the graduation ceremony last year and organizing the beach clean-up with the students.
  • Pelicano Hotel for donating over 170 notebooks that were used in the pack to school packages and mid-year packages that are given to each student.
  • Cheryl Barboza Portuguez, a hair stylist from San Jose, who along with her mother donated Christmas gifts for the children of the Bejuco School in December 2012. This was an amazing gift! Looking for a superb hair stylist in San Jose? Contact Cheryl!
  • Cheryl Tyson for volunteering her time twice a week in the kinder class.
  • Brigitte Picard and Bessie Wapp for organizing a stilt walking workshop for the school in February 2013.
  • All the owners, guests and visitors of the communities of Costa del Sol and Jardines del Pacifico who have donated supplies and funds.