Purchasing, renovating, managing and building our own properties in Costa Rica since 2007, through the EcoVida Project, we have been very successful in navigating the intricacies of real estate development and online marketing. We have received top marks from our guests of EcoVida Properties and consistently strive to keep our properties rated highest in their category and location.


003Intrinsically linked to everything we do is the desire to help others navigate the sometimes difficult terrain that is the Costa Rican Real Estate market. We have seen it all and are happy to pass on our knowledge to others. In doing so, we endeavor to provide low cost marketing for other properties aside from the properties we have purchased, constructed and renovated.

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Our clientele include owners and real estate agents that require assistance in rentals and real estate marketing. In addition to marketing and consulting on how to sell or purchase a property in Costa Rica, we have local partners in architectural design and construction that can provide a full array of services, not to mention legal and accounting professionals that form part of our extended team.


The community is at the heart of everything we do. We support the local community by hiring local people for our team and our business model focuses on supporting and promoting local businesses. We are also involved in many community projects but our main project is helping the Bejuco School with supplies, repairs and improvements. Click HERE to learn more about our community projects.

Pura Vida,
Dave and Shannon Playfair
Owners of EcoVida Properties and Real Estate

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