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The very best of Playa Bejuco!
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EcoVida Properties  Playa Bejuco, PU
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Welcome to EcoVida Properties, your source for real estate in Playa Bejuco and the surrounding area.


Looking to purchase a new home or build a house by the beach? Avoid feeling overwhelmed and use our experience managing, maintaining and buying and selling properties to find the home or property of your dreams.



What makes us your best choice? We actually live in Playa Bejuco, have a legitimate business employing local Bejuco people and will be your neighbour if you choose to buy here. We can provide you everything you need to know about living in our area, both good and bad. We will not sell you on something that isn't right for you and you should be prepared for a lot of questions in order to better determine your needs! We take pride in what we have done in Bejuco and we want good neighbours that will make our community even better! Are you that good neighbour?



Thinking of selling? Exposure is everything. Leverage our experience and marketing tools to turn ‘selling’ into ‘sold’. We have proven marketing skills and a keen interest in providing professional service to help you sell your property.


We also support our community and a portion of any commission earned through brokering a real estate deal for you goes into our Giving Back program, supporting our local under-funded school and many, many other community projects. See more information here.

Have questions? We're here to help find answers and provide insights into the local area.