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Located in Playa Bejuco, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

We are the full service marketing and real estate brokerage division of EcoVida Properties located in the beautiful beach of Playa Bejuco in the Puntarenas province near Jaco and Manuel Antonio National Park. We work actively with other real estate agents and brokers to assist clients to purchase and sell homes in Playa Bejuco as well as the surrounding area from Jaco to Manuel Antonio. We actually live, work and play in Playa Bejuco and the surrounding areas, have a legitimate tax-paying business employing local Bejuco people and will be your neighbour if you choose to buy here. We can provide you everything you need to know about living in our area, both good and bad. We will not sell you on something that isn't right for you and you should be prepared for a lot of questions in order to better determine your needs! We take pride in what we have done in Bejuco and we want good neighbours that will make our community even better! Are you that good neighbour? Please contact us today to find out!

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As a division of EcoVida Properties, we focus primarily on the sale and purchase of viable rental properties; however, we are pleased to help others find the right property that will work for them.

Local staff and Local Businesses: All our team live in the Bejuco area and we work to promote and support many local businesses. We shop locally and we hope you will as well during your visit to Playa Bejuco. To meet our EcoVida Properties Team click here.

Community Projects: The community is at the heart of everything we do. We created EcoVida Properties to help our neighbours and to help build a better Bejuco. We are involved in many community projects but our main project is the Bejuco School! Click here to learn more.

Environmental Commitment: We encourage all our property owners and vacation renters to do their part to protect our environment. EcoVida Properties provides the information needed for our clients to participate in recycling and composting programs, buy local products and produce, encourage the use of energy efficient devices & environmentally friendly cleaning products and get involved in community activities and events. We are strong supporters of the locally run recycling program and do our best to educate whoever will listen on the merits of sustainability. The path to a more sustainable life is filled with constant learning and we are always searching for more information and ways to reduce our company's environmental impact.

Legal: You can have peace of mind knowing that everything our company does is according to the laws of Costa Rica including paying our staff members' social security and medical (CCSS), insurance (INS) and benefits (vacation, statutory holidays, mandatory Christmas bonus, etc.). We are an active company that pays tax and has all the proper business permits, as is required by law. We only mention this because many in our line of work conduct business without adherence to the law and this is a risky proposition to property owners.